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The Benefits Of Area Rugs

The Benefits Of Area Rugs Over Carpets

How To Pick Area Rugs That Are Right For Your Home

Area rugs are one of the most underrated decorations for making a room feel right. Adding a rug adds a lot to the decor of a room, as well as practical aspects like improved insulation and a comfortable surface to stand on. Choosing a rug is not a process to take lightly. While cheap rugs will wear out quickly, be difficult to clean, and generally make life miserable, the perfect rug can transform a room. Make sure to follow these tips next time you go rug shopping.

The first thing to consider when buying a rug is your budget. You absolutely do not want to go cheap on a nice floor rug. Many people make the mistake of not spending enough on a rug, and pay for it later. A good rule of thumb is to compare your rug budget to other items of furniture you own. Think about what you would be willing to pay for a brand new couch; that is the range you should be thinking of when shopping for area rugs. This can seem expensive, but looking for high quality materials makes all the difference in the world. Wool or silk rugs clean well, wear well, and last years. Grass and jute, on the other hand, degrade quickly and are not as comfortable.

The next thing to consider is the size of your rug. A good rule of thumb here is to take the shortest wall in the room the rug is going in, and subtract two feet. In cases where a door opens inward, measure from the door at its most open point, not from the wall. Also consider your furniture arrangement. For a rug to go under a dining room table, measure about 18 inches out on each side so that the rug will accommodate the chairs. In a living room setup, look for rugs that accommodate at least the inward-facing third of each piece of furniture that is part of a group, like a couch and chairs set up around a coffee table. For a hallway, try to keep at least half a foot of floor clear on each edge of the rug, and make sure not to block the path of any doors.

Make sure to keep the color palette of a room in mind as well. Look for colors that either match the existing accents in the room, or neutral colors. Try to go for some pleasing contrast from the surrounding floor; a dark hardwood might look great with a deep, dull red, for example. Look out for clashing colors; your rug will be one of the primary accents in the room, so choosing a color that does not match well with existing furniture can really ruin an aesthetic.

Putting some thought into your area rug choice will pay dividends in the long run. Make sure to get a rug that is as nice as your other furniture; skimping on the rug does not pay off! Get out the tape measure and figure out what size you need, and then find one in the right colors!